#16: Step by step guide to becoming a CEO


#17: Secret to success. What successful people have in common?


Becoming a CEO - step by step guide

  • Raise your hands and take on assignments

  • Stating aspirations
  • Hire people smarter than you
  • Skills that can set you apart and how to develop it
  • Take calculated risks

Secret to success. What all successful people have in common?

  • Susan reserached the skills that many successful people had in common.

Susan Adams Loyd - CEO Better Business Bureau is a strategic thinker who has a proven track record of building collaborative teams that deliver stellar results. She has successfully led complex organizations through opportunities and challenges, always developing talented contributors along the way. As well, she has held top-seated positions within industry professional associations and community non-profits, and is widely regarded as an experienced leader, media expert, mentor and an accomplished public speaker. Susan has 3 decades of experience in the Media industry including as a Former VP & General Manager at CBS, Clear Channel Broadcasting and Cox Broadcasting. As a lifelong learner, she recently graduated from Harvard University complementing her Graduate Degree from Minnesota State University and Bachelor Degree from University of Minnesota.

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