#19: Finding your silver lining and investing across borders with Lauren Cohen -  President & Founder e-Council Inc.

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Lauren is a serial entrepreneur, International Lawyer, Realtor and Cross-Border Expert. Originally from Toronto and now living and serving clients from South Florida, she is also a best-selling author and sought-after speaker and launches her podcast, Investing Across Borders, launched in November 2020. Real estate investors and entrepreneurs hire her turnkey team as they believe in overcoming obstacles and navigating business and investment opportunities, navigating the path so clients can invest, live, work and play across borders.

*Moving people and services across state and/or country lines WILL inevitably involve a variety of legal considerations. Having a legal team in your pocket will help you develop strategies to handle or avoid them wherever possible.



Here’s my gift - a link and coupon code for her e-book, Real Estate Investing Across Borders:


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Here’s a link to her Going Global e-book 



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