#18: The average GPA of Millionaires is 2.9.  How can you join the Club with Di Di Chan Co-Founder and President of FutureProof Retail.

Di Di Chan

Di Di is the Co-Founder and President of FutureProof Retail, a mobile checkout and order-ahead shopping app.

She became an entrepreneur right after finishing her graduate studies at NYU. In this episode she talked about:

- How finding out about the fact that the average GPA of Millionaires is 2.9 motivated her as a top student to become an entrepreneur.

- How can anyone become an entrepreneur - even if your GPA is higher than 2.9.


- How listening can set you apart from your competition.

Di Di Chan is is a global entrepreneur that's passionate about education, technology, and sustainability. Her mission is to maximize human potential by removing friction in time, aligning profit with value, and paying it forward.

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